"Baby" Set of Foot Massage Play Mat For Kids



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Specifically designed for babies from 1 year old, this massage mat will help stimulate their tactile senses and develop motor skills. Kids love to touch it’s soft spikes with both palms and feet and if a baby already can step on them, well... You can be sure they will be curious about the new sensations.

The set consists of soft puzzles simulating different natural surfaces that help develop baby's curiosity and proper development of their feet. Be sure to be with the baby during the discovery of this product, your support and demonstration of its use will help babies familiarize themselves with the mats. These mats are perfect for babies who are just learning to stand and walk.

Massage puzzles are dense and non-slip, very easy to clean and durable which is especially useful with smaller babies. The set includes 8 tiles of 4 types of surfaces. Each tile is of a different bright color and has a size of 10x10” (25x25 cm).

Puzzle types included:

  • 2 pcs. “Soft Grass” stimulates a walk on young grass, providing a pleasant massage on the baby's feet. Green and Orange colors.
  • 2 pcs. “Soft Cones” imitates a forest floor covered with pine cones of different sizes. It provides a great stimulus for foot muscles which helps prevent flat feet in the future. Green and yellow colors.
  • 2 pcs. “Soft Spikes” stimulates physical skills and abilities like balance. Red and turquoise colors.
  • 2 pcs. “Soft Pebbles” small pebble-like bumps of different sizes contribute to immune system development and improved blood circulation. Blue and purple colors.

Massage mats don’t take a lot of space and are perfect to use when kids have no opportunity to run barefoot in nature and experience new sensations. These mats are one of the best investments in the health and development of your kids.

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