What is orthopedic play mat?

Barefoot walking for kids at home.

It’s known that walking on uneven surfaces contributes to proper muscle development of the feet and  it’s arch. Which will help to prevent possible musculoskeletal system problems and flat feet in the future. Because of that there is nothing better than letting your child run barefoot on different natural surfaces like grass, sand, pebbles in a summer. This stimulates foot muscles and promotes their proper development. 

During winter months or when a child doesn't have an opportunity to run around barefoot on uneven surfaces, that’s when orthopedic massage mats can be used to imitate kid’s walking on natural surfaces.Baby walking barefoot

Foot massage mats activate different pressure points of a toddler's feet. When a child is stepping on the mats their muscles adjust to keep balance. By stimulating feet, mats provide strengthening and restorative effect on the whole body. This also improves blood circulation in feet, which is very important for children.

Children walking development

When your baby is just learning how to walk or if you already have a toddler who walks confidently, it’s important to provide new sensations for their feet, as there are many health benefits in that. Naming only a few would be:

  • Flat feet prevention. Learn more about flat feet.
  • Better fine and gross motor skills
  • Stronger immune system
  • Removes tiredness and improves agility
  • Promotes active games and imagination

Every set of orthopedic play mats includes different types of tiles that provide different sensory stimulation. You can connect mats in a different order and combine different sets to provide even more play area for your child. 

These floor mats can be used by children from 1 year old, usually at the beginning they prefer softer sets of surfaces like “Baby” or “Universal” but that’s not a rule. 

orthopedic massage mats for kids

massage mats for baby close up

The mats arouse curiosity in children, who are excited to touch and feel unusual mats. Normally kids can interlock mats by themselves, but sometimes some help from parents is needed to explain them how to play with them. Unfortunately, not all kids are used to barefoot walking, and may have a hesitation at first when they see the mats. That’s when you can demonstrate to them how it should be done! Sometimes kids may begin using mats with socks on first.

walking on massage mats for kids

Each tile is made of high quality PVC, which is non-slip, durable,  non-toxic, has no smell and can be easily washed with water.

Our massage mats have a distinct interlocking structure which looks like a “zipper” or “pine tree”. This provides fortified locking between tiles and allows multiple ways of connecting the mats. For example, you can connect one mat in with the other two by the center line of their connection. 

We provide a set of exercises that can be done on the play mats to massage every little part of your kids feet and be sure that they have enough stimulation for a healthy development. The list is enclosed in every order or can be downloaded from this page.

To learn more about development of the children's food we have combined some valuable information here.

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