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Thank you for checking our store! We are working to help parents grow healthy and smart children. We are a small online store, so we do cherish every client and provide a personal approach to every order we receive.

Online shop “Baby First Steps” was created in Canada for parents who want to contribute to the development of their children as much as possible. As parents ourselves we know how important it is to provide only the best options for your children and help them grow healthy and strong. Parents are always worried if their child is growing right if there is enough stimulus and fun activities for them, and many other worries. Some of those worries we hope to lower and provide the right products for that.

We provide products for children that would contribute to their development in a safe and fun manner. Our idea of the online store is to help children do their first steps right, explore new sensations, and test their abilities. New parents have a lot on their mind and we hope to make some steps for them a little easier.

Our selection of products is constantly growing with only high-quality brands and materials. These were tested first by our own kids, like walking massage mats that our kids just love (and we like to use them too…). Our focus is to provide children in Canada with only high-quality products sourced around the world and have proven to contribute to the development.

Please, if you have any questions or suggestions contact us.

Children are the future!

Invest in your future.