Why shoes are bad for children?

Jan 13 , 2021

Danila Tataev

Why shoes are bad for children?

To help your child properly develop physically and psychologically, you need to promote barefoot walking to them. Shoes prevent normal toe spread and limit sensory functions of feet. That’s not even mentioning proper bone and muscle movements. 

Obviously the move you use your muscles the stronger they get, that’s true about toddler’s feet. They require a lot of stimulation and freedom to develop properly. 

Body awareness is something your baby learns first, and feet play an important role in that as a connector with the outside world. And if we as parents put those little feet into pretty sneakers, we limit the connectivity of the child with the outside world.

There are over 200,000 nerve ends in our feet one of the highest concentrations in our body.

They make us safer and more adaptive to surroundings. Climbing, balancing, pivoting are way easier barefoot for a reason.

shoes are bad for toddlers

Luckily barefooting can be done even during the winter and any weather. As Canadians, we know what a true North means:) To stimulate your child’s feet at home you can use orthopedic massage mats, that would contribute to the proper development of their feet and make it easier for parents.

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