Why Orthopedic Massage Mats?

Aug 26 , 2020

Danila Tataev

Why Orthopedic Massage Mats?

When a baby comes into your life, as a parent, you become constantly worried about everything. You check and monitor your child’s development to notice any slight signals that would prove your concern or otherwise calm your fears and worries. Do they hear, eat, breathe, grow properly and those are just a few examples. Every good parent always tries to provide and keep safe their kids, that’s life.

new parents with babyAll babies have flat feet
, that’s absolutely normal and should be like that. As they grow, their feet are getting stronger and the arch of a
foot gets developed by itself around the age of 5-6. Many potential problems in life are better to be avoided. One of the worries comes to parents' minds when they are looking at their baby’s sweet feet...

Unfortunately, during the last few decades, children have been getting flat foot syndrome more often than before. The flat foot syndrome appears as not properly developed foot which remains flat and leads to pain and other health problems in the future. This happens because there is not enough stimulation of the feet muscles, which normally occurs when kids walk barefoot on uneven surfaces like grass, pebbles, and ground. Nowadays most of the time kids wear shoes or walk on flat house floors.

Orthopaedists in Russia developed and patented design of the foot massage floor mats that would help prevent potential problems with the growth and development of the children's feet.

It’s always better to give a chance for your child to walk barefoot outdoors and get this foot massage naturally. But when there is no such opportunity, the orthopedic playmats will be a great replacement. It’s a simple but effective solution that resembles different natural uneven suffices. It can be used at any home to provide stimulation to the kid’s feet which they need to develop foot muscles. Children of different ages like to play on them as they provide unusual sensations in a safe and clean form.

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