Does my child have a flat feet?

Sep 02 , 2020

Ram M

Does my child have a flat feet?

Many parents of young children and new parents especially are worried that their precious ones have flat feet because their feet do look flat. Breathe in and out….

It is normal for children up to 6 years old, especially infants and toddlers to have a flat foot (when there is no arch of a foot) when they stand up. Infants still have a fat pad on their feet which hides their arch, and toddlers’ feet are still loosely joined and you should be able to see the arch when the foot is off the ground or stands on tip-toes.

flat feet in childflat feet babyOrthopedic floor mats for children will help to simulate nature’s uneven surfaces at home in a safe and clean environment.

So don’t stress out and help properly stimulate foot development and walking skills of your child by providing as many opportunities to barefoot walk in nature and at home as possible. This helps the foot muscles to adapt and react to the surface as a kid walking, which contributes to the arch development.


In case your child has pain at any age, or only one foot is flat, or their activity is limited, please consult your doctor.