Barefoot walking myth - Why your kids need to walk barefoot as much as possible.

Sep 09 , 2020

Danila Tataev

Barefoot walking myth - Why your kids need to walk barefoot as much as possible.

“Stop! Don’t take off your shoes!” - can often be heard from parents on playgrounds and in parks. Fear of your baby injuring their foot or getting some illness through their feet is very common, but unless you let them play in a safe area where they can see where to step on, this fear brings more damage than benefits. 

For children (and adults too) walking barefoot on grass, sand, pebbles, and even acorns provide stimulation of nerves and muscles in the feet that are lacking in our daily lives. Feet soles have nerves connecting to most of our organs and tiny muscles require a stimulus to build later proper foot arch and avoid health issues associated with that. All that makes barefoot walking irreplaceable for the healthy growth of a child.

barefoot walking children

Even adults can benefit from practicing barefoot walking when they have a chance. The most popular effect for adults would be relaxation and anxiety relief that is achieved by regularly walking barefoot on uneven surfaces.

The more your child will walk barefoot, the less there is a risk of injury of some sort. Because this simple and natural exercise improves focus, mental development, balance and strengthens joints and ligaments.

And for the illness fear -  there is way far more likely to get any bacteria or bug from hands during daily activity. As children will most likely put their dirty hands into the moth or touch face - the gateway to the human body. So just don’t forget to wash your precious feet and hands of course after every walk.