Barefoot Walking is Naturally Essential for Children

Aug 21 , 2020

Danila Tataev

Barefoot Walking is Naturally Essential for Children

There are plenty of reasons why people don’t let children walk barefoot – dirt, germs, and sharp objects. Those are usually the same reasons why children wear some sort of shoes as soon as they do their first steps. Today it is important to have a balance in everything. Allowing your children to walk barefoot at home or sometimes outside, can help you raise healthier and happier kids.

Not many parents are aware of the benefits that barefoot walking provides to children. Children’s feet are more sensitive than adults and continue it’s crucial formation up to the age of 9 years. Walking barefoot provides so needed stimulation of feet’s nerves and muscles, which promote both physical and neurological development.

Stepping on various and uneven surfaces stimulates feet muscles that will help in the future to form a foot arch and avoid flat foot. This is a problem that appears when the arch of a foot gets too flat or sometimes too curved, which leads to pain and heel problems.

Barefoot walking also helps to build a better posture, improve balance, and even increase self-confidence. Bones and ligaments are also getting stronger which decreases the risk of trauma during an accident.

To summarize:

  • Stronger health
  • The better nervous and immune system
  • Prevention of various foot development problems (flat feet)
  • Fewer injuries
  • Better brain and self-orientation in space

Using orthopedic playmats is an easy solution to provide enough foot stimulation in a fun and safe form. High-quality mats eliminate problems associated with barefoot walking as you can use them at home.