Foot Massage Play Mats for kids

Barefoot walking is important.

When your baby starts walking, introduce them to different types of surface to walk on, for better development of their senses and health.

This is simple yet crucial help that you can provide, to avoid potential development problems like a flat feet syndrom.

To make it easier and more convenient we created sets of playmats with different surfaces to use at home. You can play on them barefoot anytime of the year and in any weather. 

The mats were developed by Russian Orthopedists and have several patents on the design of the mats. So you can be sure that this is a good quality and safe product for your children.

  • Strength

    Strengthening of feet and legs muscles. Stronger joints and ligaments, plus brain function stimulation.

  • Prevention

    The mats contribute to prevention of various foot deformations (flat feet, valgus, varus). Helps to develop the proper arch of a foot.

  • Safety

    Made of high quality PVC. Pattented technology. No smell and toxic materials. Non-slip and easy to clean.

barefoot playmats

How do the Playmats work?

Our foot is a projection of all our organs. Through activation of pressure points of a foot, our body receives contactless massage of all organs. Wellness exercises on the mats are especially useful as uneven surfaces stimulate individual points of the feet providing a healing effect. 

The orthopedic mats will help you to relax after a hard day or conversely focus on intense activity. And for children, during a game massage, mats help to correctly form the arch of the foot, preventing the risk of flat feet in the future.

  • Fun

    Bright colors and puzzle shape will add learning to the game. Improve blood circulation, remove fatigue, tone skin and stimulate a positive mood.

  • Immunity

    Raised surfaces of the mats positively affect the immune system. Through active points of the feet, the body receives complete non-contact massage.